Thursday, January 29, 2015

Analysing Contemporary Art

As another part of our culminating, we have been asked to do an analysis. I have chose to analyze the benifits and disadvantages of creating contomporary art. In this age, contemporary art can be created in many different ways, whether it's with mediums we have been using for centuries or with current technology that is being upgraded everyday. There are also a lot of ways to have your art be seen and shared through the Internet and to have feedback given to you through any playforms you use to share your artworks. But there is also the problem of people nowadays being unaccepting and negative, even if it is not as bad as it was years and years ago. Because even if you receive a hundred positive comments and only one negative comment, that will still stick out loke a sore thumb and maybe even make you doubt your abilities.

Sketches for the Mural

Throughout the semester we have been participating in Japan Art Miles, in which we collaborate with a Japanese art class. Now that the end of the semester is nearing we have recieved their half of a mural that both of our classes are designing. All students have been asked to develop sketches for what they think our half of the mural should look like. Not all students may be able to partake in the painting of the mural, but they may create their own artwork independently. Here are my sketches.